Thursday, March 14, 2013

5 horrible things couples do after making love

Many people complain about how they feel unwanted because of their partner's not-so-fun activities after a steaming lovemaking session. But, what exactly is it that they fume about? What is it that turns them off and blows the night into pieces? Are you one of those committing such mistakes and fanning the flames of rage in your partner? Let us take a look.
Making love can leave you exhausted, and unlike women, men find it challenging to stay awake after a night of passion. But, think twice before you close your eyes and sail away to your dream world. You going off to sleep can make your partner feel unwanted. This will be the biggest goof-up even if you give the best in bed. The safest thing to do is to hold on to your 'we-want-to-sleep' horses and cuddle for a while.

Mad rush to the washroom
Your mad rush to the washroom to clean-up after a crazy love making session is totally understood, especially if you want to stick to your rules of hygiene. However, have you ever thought how your partner would feel, or how you would react if they did the same to you? Your partner might just be secretly wishing for another touch-and-tell session. So, will you gauge before you leap out?

Raiding the kitchen
Raiding the refrigerator while your partner is still in bed is not courteous at all. Not only you ruin your 'it' moment, but also snub your partner's desire to fancy you. In fact, your craving for food seems like you had been thinking about food all the while, even during the time you were making love! Tell us the truth, were you?

Getting the kids in bed
If your kids are sleeping sound in their room, let them. Why dive in to their room and spoil your moment by getting them to sleep with you? Enjoy the post-sex time and just stay in each others' arms. You do enough already by taking care of kids all day long. There is some time you have got to keep for you and your partner whereby you get to role-play and become kids yourself.

Getting back to wearing clothes
You did not take a second either to drop/unzip your pants or unhook your lacy inner wear, did you? So, why make haste in covering up after? Why can't you indulge in the moment and hold each other or sleep in others' arms? The implied meaning of your hastily wearing clothes is that you are done with the night and want some time out. Well, it is better to lie down with your partner discover each others' bodies; you may be on your way to making love again!

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